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AI Drives Growth as Hookle App Hits 1 Million Published Posts

Thu Aug 17 2023 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Hookle, the innovative AI-powered social media management app, has reached a significant milestone: 1 million posts published on its platform. This achievement not only spotlights Hookle's power in simplifying social media for small businesses but also underscores the swift integration of AI in modern marketing.

The integration of an AI content creation assistant to Hookle has expedited the app's adaptation and led to a notable rise in both new customers and published posts.

Our statistics reveal that approximately 70% of the posts generated by Hookle's AI are readily accepted and promptly published by the user. This figure serves as compelling evidence of the power of modern AI, showcasing that the simplicity and accuracy of the AI assistant are embraced by and provide true value to our customers. 

The landscape for small businesses in social media has transformed with the rapid evolution of AI. Time-consuming hurdles to social posting are being overcome by AI algorithms, which optimise schedules, generate and suggest tailored content, and analyze user preferences. More and more accessible AI automation is propelling small businesses, from local boutiques to cafes, into the digital spotlight, all while conserving time and resources.

“I’m truly delighted  about our recent milestone - and the speed at which small businesses are embracing AI in social media marketing is crazy! The market is quickly recognizing this transformative trend, with Hookle as a leading AI-based disruptor of the social media landscape”, says Tero Seppälä the CEO of Hookle. 

About Hookle

Hookle is the #1 AI-powered all-in-one social media marketing app designed specifically for small businesses. It helps entrepreneurs manage their social media presence efficiently and grow their businesses. With the integration of OpenAI's technology, Hookle is leading the way in AI-powered social media marketing for small businesses.

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